Meet the newest member of our family. 


Melissa was born May 17th, 2000 at 1:10 p.m. to Karen and Roy.  Melissa weighed in at eight pounds and one ounce.  She measured 20 inches long.  She has brown hair and blue eyes and was born with long fingernails.

Karen and Mom looking over Melissa upon her arrival

A close-up of Melissa.

Melissa's first minutes
Melissa's first day home from the hospital.

No place better than in mother's arms.
Another angle

Asleep after the long ride home from the hospital

Melissa on a day in August 2000

Again in Mom's arms
At home in her chair

Becoming more aware of her surroundings

Melissa in her crawler

Ain't she cute?  But then I could say that about all these pictures.

Melissa with a proud uncle

Very good picture of me and the niece.

Another of Melissa with a proud uncle


Melissa likes to play with cell phones and TV remotes

Melissa with my cell phone

Time sure does fly.  I have taken pictures but I need to develop and scan them in.

Time Flies Like An Arrow ...
Fruit Flies Like A Banana.

Here is a picture of Melissa in her Hawaiian dress. 

An adorable picture


Thanksgiving Dinner 2002 at Mom and Dad's place.  


Melissa at Thanksgiving Dinner 2002



Melissa asleep at the table

Christmas Day 2002 at Mom and Dad's place.  


Melissa unwrapping her Christmas present.



Melissa checking out her gifts.



"I could use this."



Melissa with her Tinkerbelle wand.

Melissa's 3rd Birthday Party Celebration.  


Mom, Melissa and Karen

Birthday girl with Cake  


My Dad, Karen and Melissa

The birthday cake minus the candles.  


Happy 3rd Birthday Cake

A candid shot in Shamu Stadium at SeaWorld.  


Melissa at Shamu Stadium

A semi-candid shot.  


Melissa with her Dad at Shamu Stadium

Melissa posing with turtle statue.  


Melissa with turtle statue

Melissa and Dad on the manatee statue  


Melissa, Dad and manatee statue

Sea World on Thanksgiving Friday 2003  


Melissa and my Dad on the Space Needle


From Mom's camera on the Space Needle

Christmas 2003 at Mom and Dad's Place  


Melissa with her Mom and Dad



Learning economics




Melissa and my Mom


Melissa on her new bicycle  


Melissa checking out her new bicycle



Melissa in her protective bike gear



Guidance from Melissa's Dad



Melissa on her new bicycle



The Women



Melissa on her bike

I really need to update this section of my website.  Melissa will become nineteen years old in 2019.


Time moves too fast.  Enjoy life when you can.



Melissa watching the road ahead


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